Instantly Softer 4c Curls

I had to share my new hair regimen. There are so many different websites, videos and articles about hacks to softer hair, but I decided to find what works well with my hair. Honestly, the best decision I’ve made since getting the big chop to go natural about four years ago. Everyone’s hair is different, sure you can categorize some similarities but, it is pivotal that you know what works with your hair and does not work well with your hair.

After I took out my sew in, I decided to give my hair a treatment since it’s been braided for a little over a month. The treatment I went with was the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. If you’d like to see other people’s response to this product it’s all over Youtube, many different hair textures have tried this product and love or don’t care for it. Like I said, it’s all about what your hair likes and if it’s high or low porosity. I ordered my clay off of Amazon, two pounds was about $15. This clay is also really good for your skin too!


When using the clay in my hair I mix it with Apple Cider Vinegar you can get this for $4-$8 at your local grocery store. The clay and ACV mix bubbles at first but stir it until it’s a good consistency. Section your hair and apply the mix throughout. Running your fingers on each section, you’ll start to feel the curls forming and detangling.


Keep the mix in for 20-30minutes and wash it out with warm water. After it’s all out then get your favorite conditioner, I used the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner. Section your hair into 4 or 6 twist when applying the conditioner make sure you finger detangle or use a wide comb. When your hair is saturated in the conditioner put on a plastic cap or bag over your hair and sit for 20-30 under a dryer or an hour not under a dryer. After, wash it out and you’ll see the beautiful curls without any product in your hair!


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Welcome 2017

Is it just me or are odd numbered years seemingly better than even? Don’t get me wrong, 2016 was a good year but for some reason I have faith in odd numbers. Jesus rose on the third day, God finished creating the world in seven days and I was born in the ninth month on the twenty third day in 1997… odd numbers are lit. Although, Donald Trump will be going into office this year, aside from that, I think it will be a good year… *cheers for my optimism*


Any who, I have big plans for this year. No, not a “New Year Resolution”. I’m not necessarily against New Year Resolutions but I do feel like maybe 20% of people stick to them or let alone remember what their goal was by mid March. I just feel as though New Year Resolutions have a bad connotation to them so I’d like to call this my list of “Prolonged To-Do’s” (I’m extra… I know).

10 Prolonged To-Do’s:

  1. Smile more
  2. Meet new people/ network
  3. Travel  (whether a road trip and air bnb with friends; GO SOMEWHERE)
  4. Intern in the fashion, media or entertainment industry
  5. Eliminate self doubt and excuses and ‘shoot your shot’, there will be people down the road to doubt you,  you can’t be one of them
  6. Stop being so indecisive!
  7. Treat yourself and your family
  8. Healthy eating, lose weight and tone body (such a cliche, I had to add it)
  9. Buy clothes that express your style
  10. Document your life. In photos, writing, videos, etc.


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Victoria’s Secrets are out! VS Fashion Show 2016

The Victorias Secret Fashion Show

It’s that time of year again, the VS Fashion Show premieres tonight. Although I’m sure most of us have seen photos from the show on our Instagram feed. Kendall Jenner wearing her first pair of wings, three African-American girls wearing their natural hair and Jasmine Tookes wearing the $3 million dollar 450-carat Fantasy Bra. Not to mention the performances from Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and The Weeknd. Though I know basically everything that happens at the fashion show, there’s something about watching it anyway.


I’m so excited. It’s been a tradition for years. My friends and I watch the show and rave about the models, outfits and performances. This year VS Pink will be hosting give aways and a watch party on campus!



Hartford Fashion Week 2016

This year I had the opportunity to attend Hartford Fashion Week (HFW) as press for Project Fashion; the only fashion club on my college campus. Shoutout to Katrina from HFW for getting us passes! Walking in the Union Station and seeing a room full of people who share the same love I have for fashion was an amazing feeling.


I want to start off by saying, this is a beautiful thing going on. There are so many talented people in Connecticut who are amazing designers, creative directors, photographers and models. Although Hartford is merely 117miles and a 2hr drive a way, it is definitely overlooked when it’s compared to a fashion capital such as NYC.

This year HFW ran from Thursday, October 13-Sunday, October 16. I attended the show on Saturday with the designer lineup of: FasChinn, Zoe Ilana Grinfeld, LáMoo Designs, EKBallroom and Matthew Reisman. Each show had a completely different aesthetic.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There is so much talent within fashion in Connecticut, I cannot wait for CT to get on the map.


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I know what I want to do with my life!

I have not worked since JCP during my senior year of high school, so money was no longer my friend basically I needed to find a job.


So I decided not to work at a retail store or restaurant, instead I found an internship! This summer I had the amazing opportunity of interning at Travelers. For those of you who are not familiar with Travelers, it is an American insurance company with offices dispersed around the US, Canada, the UK and now Brazil. I interned in internal communications and learned a lot more than a class would teach. Now I know most of you are thinking,

“Why would you intern in insurance when you want to work in fashion?”


Honestly, I’m just happy to get an internship in business and before sophomore year. Working in corporate America is basically the same gist all around. I learned how to network, produce professional articles, event planning and coordinating as well as task management. These are all things that go into working in the fashion industry the only difference is the audience and style of writing. Granted, I don’t plan on being a writer for a company at all more on the PR side if anything.

Ultimately, working behind the scenes at the Travelers Championship, a huge PGA golf tournament whose net proceeds go to charity, was an amazing opportunity. Who would have though golf would help me realize what I want to do as a career. I realized I really love event planning/ coordinating. No, I’m not referring to party planning. I mean big events that takes a year or more to plan. Travelers Championship is an eleven month process of planning and so much goes into it. I don’t want to work with golf, more like the marketing and planning for fashion week, the CFDA Fashion Awards or even an event such as Beautycon. The organizing and though that goes into planning a big event is so exciting, not to mention being there the day of and seeing it all play out.


Well, that’s my summer so far. Next stop California.


Rihanna-Work (Music Video) 2 in 1


Ri dropped her music video for Work today and may I add it was beautiful. Maybe beautiful isn’t the right word but she gives her fans and those who are watching the video a glimpse of what a Caribbean club is like.

Note: The video is over seven minutes long for a song that a bit over 3 minutes.

The VEVO version has two music videos. The first half Ri is in a Caribbean night club obviously wining to work. She has such a cool swag, style and sexiness. Although there are many people in the frame dancing you can’t take your eyes of off Ri. After the night club video is done the song starts over except now it’s Ri in a room with Drake. This version is more stripped down and a “Drake-Style” video. Ri sings and wines while Drake sits admiring her. When he does his verse he of course incorporates his awkward famous dance moves.


Drake and Ri have so much chemistry in this video I won’t be surprised to see many tabloids rumoring that they’re together. Until then, Ri is still single and doing her own thing.


Rihanna Ditches the Grammy’s?


Where you at RiRi?

I know I cannot be the only one who was looking forward to RiRi’s performance tonight at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. I sat through two hours of red carpet waiting for Rihanna to come out 2 minutes before the awards began but, she was no where to be found. Where you at Ri? Rumors have it, she is sick and unable to attend this year’s Grammys. Get well soon boo and while you’re at it, show us what you would have worn to the awards. Just kidding…

A few days ago Rihanna debut her FENTYxPuma line at New York’s Fashion Week.

The line was typical Rihanna, classic oversized streetwear. The line consisted of white and black but yet each outfit brought a different dynamic of the new line. I am excited for future Fenty. Hopefully Rihanna has a rerelease for her Fenty Puma creepers. I’ll have to take a few extra shifts but, my paychecks will be ready.


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