In the beginning…

Okay, so I write in my free time and read a multitude of different fashion and hair regimen articles, I’m sure I am not the only teenager who does it. Maybe this blog could be my first step into fashion or maybe just a hobby, whatever it is I know I will enjoy it either way.

I am extremely excited right now! This is the beginning. Writing about me, what I like and how I feel. Sure it will be tied down with a few constraints. After all, this is a fashion/beauty blog. But I cannot promise I will stay inside my perimeters. Life would be extremely boring if we always colored inside the lines, right?

One of my favorite quotes is by Mark Twain,

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”

(and yeah I needed to dramatically capitalize that quote)

This quote is so true, Mark Twain was stating facts. What I love about this quote is the realization of these two days. Of course when you are born people gather around to see the new born baby and celebrate with the day of your birth. But, the next most important day may not be as broadcasted. Finding out your purpose in life is just as important as being born. I believe everyone has a purpose and whether you find out at 3 years old or 92 years old, there is always a plan and purpose for your life.

Now as corny as this may sound I believe this may be my purpose, so of course I am excited to start this blog. I have been into fashion since elementary. Although I did not have as much knowledge of the industry back then I’d still pretend I had an obligation to sketch a new line of clothing for every up coming season. A child with large hair tamed by multicolored hair clips who never failed to have a paper and pen in hand. My love for fashion will always remain the same. But now I aspire to be on the business side of fashion/the entertainment side.


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