Netflix Binge

As you may know I am currently in college so a month vacation was a lot for me to handle. During the end of the semester there’s nothing I wanted more than to leave school stop doing work, shower with no flip flops and sleep in my full size bed. After a week and the holidays were over, there was nothing left to do.

I constantly begged for something to do. I even went to my local library and after hours of browsing checked out a book called How to See Yourself as You Really Are by the Dalai Lama. I was dying for a self help book and that was the only one I cold find. I wish I could write a review about it however, it sat there just collecting dust so I returned it. Tragic. On the bright side I discovered two great TV series that I temporarily lived for. Nikita and Jane the Virgin.

Ironically, both shows are totally different but both really good. Nikita is about a rogue assassin who escapes an branch of the government called Devision and she works on destroying it. The series has four seasons with an amazing finale. I kid you not I cried twice. The first time I was so mad/sad I paused Netflix took a lap around my house came back and pressed play and a tear still rolled down my cheek.

Jane the Virgin is a funny romance story about a girl who was accidentally inseminated by a man’s sperm who was not her boyfriend. The show is hilarious while having life lessons and romance even crime investigating scenes. There’s so much drama but not as intense as the telenovella’s in the show. Hands down Jane the Virgin is a must watch and the show is still being aired on The CW.



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