Yeezy Season 3: The Truth Behind the Show

Can we all please have a moment of silence for this collection.


This is not a good moment of silence.

The secret behind Kanye’s debut during Fashion Week is revealed.  Kanye casted over 1200 models who were primarily black with legendary guest models such as Naomi Campbell. The extra models in the show were not all paid for their long hours and difficult work with Kanye.


The model’s had the hardest task in all of Fashion Week, they had to stand still. Now Im not talking about mannequin modeling for max 10 minutes. These models held their stance for over 90 minutes, the duration of Kanye’s entire new album. The 1200 models each dressed differently but in Kanye’s signature neutral tones.

Here’s a list of rules for the models


“Loosen up no stiffness, Do not be casual” “No slow movements, no fast movements””Hold your position, no sitting down all at the same time”… What does that mean Kanye?

Although Kanye contradicts himself in the rules, the models did their job beautifully. He instructed a few to raise their fist as a sign of black pride. It’s such a shame not all of the clothes in the show were actually from the Yeezy Season 3 line.

Many of the models wore clothes from Salvation Army that was dyed to match the colors in the show… Talk about plagiarism.

Although putting you’ve modeled for Yeezy Season 3 during New York Fashion Week is a huge resume booster, these models definitely deserved better treatment.



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