Rihanna Ditches the Grammy’s?

Where you at RiRi?

I know I cannot be the only one who was looking forward to RiRi’s performance tonight at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. I sat through two hours of red carpet waiting for Rihanna to come out 2 minutes before the awards began but, she was no where to be found. Where you at Ri? Rumors have it, she is sick and unable to attend this year’s Grammys. Get well soon boo and while you’re at it, show us what you would have worn to the awards. Just kidding…

A few days ago Rihanna debut her FENTYxPuma line at New York’s Fashion Week.

The line was typical Rihanna, classic oversized streetwear. The line consisted of white and black but yet each outfit brought a different dynamic of the new line. I am excited for future Fenty. Hopefully Rihanna has a rerelease for her Fenty Puma creepers. I’ll have to take a few extra shifts but, my paychecks will be ready.



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