Rihanna-Work (Music Video) 2 in 1


Ri dropped her music video for Work today and may I add it was beautiful. Maybe beautiful isn’t the right word but she gives her fans and those who are watching the video a glimpse of what a Caribbean club is like.

Note: The video is over seven minutes long for a song that a bit over 3 minutes.

The VEVO version has two music videos. The first half Ri is in a Caribbean night club obviously wining to work. She has such a cool swag, style and sexiness. Although there are many people in the frame dancing you can’t take your eyes of off Ri. After the night club video is done the song starts over except now it’s Ri in a room with Drake. This version is more stripped down and a “Drake-Style” video. Ri sings and wines while Drake sits admiring her. When he does his verse he of course incorporates his awkward famous dance moves.


Drake and Ri have so much chemistry in this video I won’t be surprised to see many tabloids rumoring that they’re together. Until then, Ri is still single and doing her own thing.



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