I know what I want to do with my life!

I have not worked since JCP during my senior year of high school, so money was no longer my friend basically I needed to find a job.


So I decided not to work at a retail store or restaurant, instead I found an internship! This summer I had the amazing opportunity of interning at Travelers. For those of you who are not familiar with Travelers, it is an American insurance company with offices dispersed around the US, Canada, the UK and now Brazil. I interned in internal communications and learned a lot more than a class would teach. Now I know most of you are thinking,

“Why would you intern in insurance when you want to work in fashion?”


Honestly, I’m just happy to get an internship in business and before sophomore year. Working in corporate America is basically the same gist all around. I learned how to network, produce professional articles, event planning and coordinating as well as task management. These are all things that go into working in the fashion industry the only difference is the audience and style of writing. Granted, I don’t plan on being a writer for a company at all more on the PR side if anything.

Ultimately, working behind the scenes at the Travelers Championship, a huge PGA golf tournament whose net proceeds go to charity, was an amazing opportunity. Who would have though golf would help me realize what I want to do as a career. I realized I really love event planning/ coordinating. No, I’m not referring to party planning. I mean big events that takes a year or more to plan. Travelers Championship is an eleven month process of planning and so much goes into it. I don’t want to work with golf, more like the marketing and planning for fashion week, the CFDA Fashion Awards or even an event such as Beautycon. The organizing and though that goes into planning a big event is so exciting, not to mention being there the day of and seeing it all play out.


Well, that’s my summer so far. Next stop California.



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