Hartford Fashion Week 2016

This year I had the opportunity to attend Hartford Fashion Week (HFW) as press for Project Fashion; the only fashion club on my college campus. Shoutout to Katrina from HFW for getting us passes! Walking in the Union Station and seeing a room full of people who share the same love I have for fashion was an amazing feeling.


I want to start off by saying, this is a beautiful thing going on. There are so many talented people in Connecticut who are amazing designers, creative directors, photographers and models. Although Hartford is merely 117miles and a 2hr drive a way, it is definitely overlooked when it’s compared to a fashion capital such as NYC.

This year HFW ran from Thursday, October 13-Sunday, October 16. I attended the show on Saturday with the designer lineup of: FasChinn, Zoe Ilana Grinfeld, LáMoo Designs, EKBallroom and Matthew Reisman. Each show had a completely different aesthetic.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There is so much talent within fashion in Connecticut, I cannot wait for CT to get on the map.



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