Instantly Softer 4c Curls

I had to share my new hair regimen. There are so many different websites, videos and articles about hacks to softer hair, but I decided to find what works well with my hair. Honestly, the best decision I’ve made since getting the big chop to go natural about four years ago. Everyone’s hair is different, sure you can categorize some similarities but, it is pivotal that you know what works with your hair and does not work well with your hair.

After I took out my sew in, I decided to give my hair a treatment since it’s been braided for a little over a month. The treatment I went with was the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. If you’d like to see other people’s response to this product it’s all over Youtube, many different hair textures have tried this product and love or don’t care for it. Like I said, it’s all about what your hair likes and if it’s high or low porosity. I ordered my clay off of Amazon, two pounds was about $15. This clay is also really good for your skin too!


When using the clay in my hair I mix it with Apple Cider Vinegar you can get this for $4-$8 at your local grocery store. The clay and ACV mix bubbles at first but stir it until it’s a good consistency. Section your hair and apply the mix throughout. Running your fingers on each section, you’ll start to feel the curls forming and detangling.


Keep the mix in for 20-30minutes and wash it out with warm water. After it’s all out then get your favorite conditioner, I used the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner. Section your hair into 4 or 6 twist when applying the conditioner make sure you finger detangle or use a wide comb. When your hair is saturated in the conditioner put on a plastic cap or bag over your hair and sit for 20-30 under a dryer or an hour not under a dryer. After, wash it out and you’ll see the beautiful curls without any product in your hair!



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