Abroad in London

In less than a year I was able to cross off two destinations off of my travel bucket list. First being California, now I can say that I went to London! I was given an amazing opportunity to travel and live in London for three weeks with thirteen other students.  We stayed in the center of London, a 5 minute walk from Hyde Park and Oxford Street. Upon our arrival there were a few bumps in the road with communication, lack of wifi, an excessive about of sunlight in the morning; however, by the end of the trip none of that mattered. Without having wifi 24/7 it allowed me to put my phone away and take in the area around me. Our flats were not the best accommodation but it was realistic given our location.

There were six girls in one flat… and I absolutely loved it! Everyday was something new. We didn’t know each other much before the trip and within the first 24 hours we became a squad. Not only did I learn a lot about London’s geographies but also about myself. It’s no cliche when people say that studying abroad changes your life. It does. It changes your perception on the things you do and why you do them.

London Hacks:

1. Do not go to London without expecting to spend money. Some places you can get away with converting about $200 USD to their currency and buy food, grab a souvenir, go out for drinks and even transportation. That is not the case in England. $1.30 = £1.00 so you can imagine my reaching when converting $400 at the postal office and only getting back £309.64…

2. Do not get hit by a car. It took me a week to get used to cars driving on the opposite side of the road. I’d always look the wrong way when crossing the road, coming close with 5 black cabs, one double decker bus and 23 bikes. Not to mention. They are not pleasant when they have to stop for a pedestrian who may or may not have the right of way.

3. Lastly, have an open mind. Whenever you’re traveling you have to keep an open mind, try something you wouldn’t necessarily think about trying back home. This could range from fashion risk, trying new foods or exploring the area you’re in. There’s so many new excursions or sights you could discover when traveling!


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