Uhm… so I’m Vegan Now




A person who does not eat meat nor any animal byproducts.

Yes, yes, yes, you’ve read that correctly; I am vegan now. There are many stereotypes about vegans and this section of my blog will be to address those preconceived ideas and hopefully inspire people to learn more about veganism.

PSA: I’d like to start off by noting that I am not an expert at all, I’m only writing about my experiences and what I’ve learned.

When did you go vegan?

This was not an overnight/ cold turkey decision. I took about a week or week and a half to decide whether I’d go through with trying the diet. I was familiar with the term “vegan” before my research but I did have a stereotypical definition. I assumed that vegans were either skinny wealthy white people or people with a hipster vibe. Furthermore, I assumed all vegans would try to convert their peers and force their beliefs on everyone…

My roommate during my abroad course in London is a vegan and she did not fit any of the characteristics I associated with being vegan. She never tried to ‘convert’ me, over time I just found myself inquiring more about the lifestyle. I initially decided to do a 1 month challenge to see if I could manage it. After doing research via reading books, watching documentaries and Youtube I started to develop a purpose for going vegan. Before I knew it this temporary challenge was quickly becoming a lifestyle I enjoyed.






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