“What the Health” reaction

“What the Health” is a documentary about the U.S food industry educating people on what they’re really consuming. I noticed it was recently added to Netflix so I figured why not educate myself more on the industry billions of people have faith in.

Truthfully, if you’ve never watched this documentary, I highly recommend just sitting down and taking the time to learn what goes on behind the doors of the packaged meat, dairy products, and eggs industry. NOT only that, but the documentary also covers the hidden figures who take part in convincing America that we need to eat meat and drink milk to survive.

How many of you have seen these charts?


Pretty much every kid who grew up thinking humans are omnivorous creatures has seen these images and were told to follow it in order to have a ‘healthy diet’. This documentary breaks down these charts to show how the government contradicts itself when it comes to recommending a healthy diet.

Did you know that processed meats are one of the top carcinogens?

Meaning, eating processed meat is just as bad or even worse than smoking a pack of cigarets a day. Would you feed your child cigarette and beef stir fry?

Just think about it. The food and health industry is one big business bully that has paid off the government sites to convince consumers that their products are healthy to consume. In the long run these companies such as Tyson, Dannon, and other meat/dairy based companies are increasing their revenue, more people are becoming ill and paying for medicine/ doctor visits/ hospital bills/ short-term diet plans and Lord knows what else. That money is cycled through companies and government-ran businesses making them richer and the people obese, unhealthy and broke.

I don’t want to ruin the content of the documentary so I won’t go into depth with the other topics covered in “What the Health”.

But on a scale of 1-10 I rate the documentary a solid 8.7



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