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“What the Health” reaction

“What the Health” is a documentary about the U.S food industry educating people on what they’re really consuming. I noticed it was recently added to Netflix so I figured why not educate myself more on the industry billions of people have faith in.

Truthfully, if you’ve never watched this documentary, I highly recommend just sitting down and taking the time to learn what goes on behind the doors of the packaged meat, dairy products, and eggs industry. NOT only that, but the documentary also covers the hidden figures who take part in convincing America that we need to eat meat and drink milk to survive.

How many of you have seen these charts?

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Uhm… so I’m Vegan Now




A person who does not eat meat nor any animal byproducts.

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Abroad in London

In less than a year I was able to cross off two destinations off of my travel bucket list. First being California, now I can say that I went to London! I was given an amazing opportunity to travel and live in London for three weeks with thirteen other students.  We stayed in the center of London, a 5 minute walk from Hyde Park and Oxford Street. Upon our arrival there were a few bumps in the road with communication, lack of wifi, an excessive about of sunlight in the morning; however, by the end of the trip none of that mattered. Without having wifi 24/7 it allowed me to put my phone away and take in the area around me. Our flats were not the best accommodation but it was realistic given our location.

There were six girls in one flat… and I absolutely loved it! Everyday was something new. We didn’t know each other much before the trip and within the first 24 hours we became a squad. Not only did I learn a lot about London’s geographies but also about myself. It’s no cliche when people say that studying abroad changes your life. It does. It changes your perception on the things you do and why you do them.

London Hacks:

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Welcome 2017

Is it just me or are odd numbered years seemingly better than even? Don’t get me wrong, 2016 was a good year but for some reason I have faith in odd numbers. Jesus rose on the third day, God finished creating the world in seven days and I was born in the ninth month on the twenty third day in 1997… odd numbers are lit. Although, Donald Trump will be going into office this year, aside from that, I think it will be a good year… *cheers for my optimism*


Any who, I have big plans for this year. No, not a “New Year Resolution”. I’m not necessarily against New Year Resolutions but I do feel like maybe 20% of people stick to them or let alone remember what their goal was by mid March. I just feel as though New Year Resolutions have a bad connotation to them so I’d like to call this my list of “Prolonged To-Do’s” (I’m extra… I know).

10 Prolonged To-Do’s:

  1. Smile more
  2. Meet new people/ network
  3. Travel  (whether a road trip and air bnb with friends; GO SOMEWHERE)
  4. Intern in the fashion, media or entertainment industry
  5. Eliminate self doubt and excuses and ‘shoot your shot’, there will be people down the road to doubt you,  you can’t be one of them
  6. Stop being so indecisive!
  7. Treat yourself and your family
  8. Healthy eating, lose weight and tone body (such a cliche, I had to add it)
  9. Buy clothes that express your style
  10. Document your life. In photos, writing, videos, etc.


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I know what I want to do with my life!

I have not worked since JCP during my senior year of high school, so money was no longer my friend basically I needed to find a job.


So I decided not to work at a retail store or restaurant, instead I found an internship! This summer I had the amazing opportunity of interning at Travelers. For those of you who are not familiar with Travelers, it is an American insurance company with offices dispersed around the US, Canada, the UK and now Brazil. I interned in internal communications and learned a lot more than a class would teach. Now I know most of you are thinking,

“Why would you intern in insurance when you want to work in fashion?”


Honestly, I’m just happy to get an internship in business and before sophomore year. Working in corporate America is basically the same gist all around. I learned how to network, produce professional articles, event planning and coordinating as well as task management. These are all things that go into working in the fashion industry the only difference is the audience and style of writing. Granted, I don’t plan on being a writer for a company at all more on the PR side if anything.

Ultimately, working behind the scenes at the Travelers Championship, a huge PGA golf tournament whose net proceeds go to charity, was an amazing opportunity. Who would have though golf would help me realize what I want to do as a career. I realized I really love event planning/ coordinating. No, I’m not referring to party planning. I mean big events that takes a year or more to plan. Travelers Championship is an eleven month process of planning and so much goes into it. I don’t want to work with golf, more like the marketing and planning for fashion week, the CFDA Fashion Awards or even an event such as Beautycon. The organizing and though that goes into planning a big event is so exciting, not to mention being there the day of and seeing it all play out.


Well, that’s my summer so far. Next stop California.


The Natural Kinks

The Natural Kinks… what does that entail?

When hearing The Natural Kinks do not only think about natural hair because I am so much more than a resource for natural hair regimens. I named this site The Natural Kinks because life naturally has impediments and bumps in the road that we all must overcome in order to succeed. So, yes, my name goes with the idea of being a naturalista (one who embraces natural hair) but I can attest that my blog is much more than that.

I plan on posting about various things in my life that come up as the days go by. I aspire to work in fashion so I will write about trends. I am also college student who is still exploring things outside of my comfort zone so my new interest will make an appearance on my blog. Of course I will continue to write about fitness, natural hair/ protective styles and fashion. But, I will also write about social oppression, activism, college life, music, tv shows, or whatever I feel like writing about.


Netflix Binge

As you may know I am currently in college so a month vacation was a lot for me to handle. During the end of the semester there’s nothing I wanted more than to leave school stop doing work, shower with no flip flops and sleep in my full size bed. After a week and the holidays were over, there was nothing left to do.

I constantly begged for something to do. I even went to my local library and after hours of browsing checked out a book called How to See Yourself as You Really Are by the Dalai Lama. I was dying for a self help book and that was the only one I cold find. I wish I could write a review about it however, it sat there just collecting dust so I returned it. Tragic. On the bright side I discovered two great TV series that I temporarily lived for. Nikita and Jane the Virgin.

Ironically, both shows are totally different but both really good. Nikita is about a rogue assassin who escapes an branch of the government called Devision and she works on destroying it. The series has four seasons with an amazing finale. I kid you not I cried twice. The first time I was so mad/sad I paused Netflix took a lap around my house came back and pressed play and a tear still rolled down my cheek.

Jane the Virgin is a funny romance story about a girl who was accidentally inseminated by a man’s sperm who was not her boyfriend. The show is hilarious while having life lessons and romance even crime investigating scenes. There’s so much drama but not as intense as the telenovella’s in the show. Hands down Jane the Virgin is a must watch and the show is still being aired on The CW.