Vegan Recipes


I cannot stress the fact that society is wrong to advertise the idea of thin being the ideal body image. It isn’t like they bluntly say that it is better to be thin but they might as well tele prompt it on every social media network, television, and billboards. Now I am not bashing people who are slim but if you are not, then do not make a size 0-2 your inspiration because that does not necessarily mean you are “fit”. I do not aspire to have another woman’s body, instead I’m inspired by other women who make health and fitness their life, not just a month long diet to fit into a new dress. Sometimes striving to achieve a certain dress size pushes people away from a healthy lifestyle because that is not healthy. When changing your lifestyle to start eating cleaner and starting to incorporate exercising into your weekly regimen then you will start to see changes in your body. Women and even men who starve themselves are getting into unhealthy habits. The key to fitness is actually 20% exercising and 80% what you eat. So that saying “you are what you eat” is definitely a fact. Certain foods give your body different nutrients and vitamins that your body feeds off of and actually speeds up the metabolism. I plan on posting exercises that focus on specific areas, apps that help you stay on track with your fitness goals and foods that will help loose weight and gain muscle.


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