Softer 4C Hair

Recently I took out my havana twist protective style to wash and deep condition my hair. I had the havana twist in for about a month and went home to take it out and wash it. What sucks is that when I finished taking out the twist I realized I left my deep conditioner in my dorm room. Well, what to do now? After realizing I am practically broke and did not want to spend my money on another deep conditioner I decided to DIY one. I did a little research on Pinterest of the individual perks of certain ingredients that promote healthy hair. By noting the ingredients I wanted to use in my DIY deep conditioner and checking my kitchen cabinets to see if I had the right ingredients, it was time to start making this concoction. I poured 1tbsp of honey, olive oil, coconut oil and lemon juice, 2tbsp of greek yogurt and mayonnaise. **WARNING** Maybe it is just me but mayonnaise is probably one of the worst smelling things in the universe. Anyways, I mixed those ingredients together and it smelled like crap so if you decide to hold off on the mayo I won’t be angry, however, it does help to soften and define curls. After evenly distributing it over my hair I put a bit of tea tree oil around my edges topping it all off with a plastic shower cap and sitting under the dryer or a heated cap for 20-30minutes. When the time is up I washed out the mix with warm water and automatically felt the difference in my hair.

Until next time,

Briana Salmon


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