New York Fashion Week: Street Style 2016

As we all should know, it’s currently NYFW. Sadly, I am not able to attend any of the shows yet, but give me a few years and I’ll be in these slide shows. Fashion Week is like a holiday. Aside from no school or work, it is a huge celebration… in fashion of course. As the designers get ready to debut their new collections; fashionista’s from far and wide show off their style.

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In college, many students throw on leggings, a patagonia sweater and bean boots. These style guru’s take dressing warm to the next level. Who says -5 degrees means dressing basic. These outfit’s are far from basic as they incorporate many different trends into one ensemble. Try switching up your daily style and add fur, coat layers or fun patterns to your winter wardrobe. I know I will.



Yeezy Season 3: The Truth Behind the Show

Can we all please have a moment of silence for this collection.


This is not a good moment of silence.

The secret behind Kanye’s debut during Fashion Week is revealed.  Kanye casted over 1200 models who were primarily black with legendary guest models such as Naomi Campbell. The extra models in the show were not all paid for their long hours and difficult work with Kanye.


The model’s had the hardest task in all of Fashion Week, they had to stand still. Now Im not talking about mannequin modeling for max 10 minutes. These models held their stance for over 90 minutes, the duration of Kanye’s entire new album. The 1200 models each dressed differently but in Kanye’s signature neutral tones.

Here’s a list of rules for the models


“Loosen up no stiffness, Do not be casual” “No slow movements, no fast movements””Hold your position, no sitting down all at the same time”… What does that mean Kanye?

Although Kanye contradicts himself in the rules, the models did their job beautifully. He instructed a few to raise their fist as a sign of black pride. It’s such a shame not all of the clothes in the show were actually from the Yeezy Season 3 line.

Many of the models wore clothes from Salvation Army that was dyed to match the colors in the show… Talk about plagiarism.

Although putting you’ve modeled for Yeezy Season 3 during New York Fashion Week is a huge resume booster, these models definitely deserved better treatment.


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The Natural Kinks

The Natural Kinks… what does that entail?

When hearing The Natural Kinks do not only think about natural hair because I am so much more than a resource for natural hair regimens. I named this site The Natural Kinks because life naturally has impediments and bumps in the road that we all must overcome in order to succeed. So, yes, my name goes with the idea of being a naturalista (one who embraces natural hair) but I can attest that my blog is much more than that.

I plan on posting about various things in my life that come up as the days go by. I aspire to work in fashion so I will write about trends. I am also college student who is still exploring things outside of my comfort zone so my new interest will make an appearance on my blog. Of course I will continue to write about fitness, natural hair/ protective styles and fashion. But, I will also write about social oppression, activism, college life, music, tv shows, or whatever I feel like writing about.


Netflix Binge

As you may know I am currently in college so a month vacation was a lot for me to handle. During the end of the semester there’s nothing I wanted more than to leave school stop doing work, shower with no flip flops and sleep in my full size bed. After a week and the holidays were over, there was nothing left to do.

I constantly begged for something to do. I even went to my local library and after hours of browsing checked out a book called How to See Yourself as You Really Are by the Dalai Lama. I was dying for a self help book and that was the only one I cold find. I wish I could write a review about it however, it sat there just collecting dust so I returned it. Tragic. On the bright side I discovered two great TV series that I temporarily lived for. Nikita and Jane the Virgin.

Ironically, both shows are totally different but both really good. Nikita is about a rogue assassin who escapes an branch of the government called Devision and she works on destroying it. The series has four seasons with an amazing finale. I kid you not I cried twice. The first time I was so mad/sad I paused Netflix took a lap around my house came back and pressed play and a tear still rolled down my cheek.

Jane the Virgin is a funny romance story about a girl who was accidentally inseminated by a man’s sperm who was not her boyfriend. The show is hilarious while having life lessons and romance even crime investigating scenes. There’s so much drama but not as intense as the telenovella’s in the show. Hands down Jane the Virgin is a must watch and the show is still being aired on The CW.



Le Sac Noir Under $80!

French for; The Black Bag. Is it bad I own multicolored bags, blue, red and brown bags but no black? Thus positioning Le Sac Noir  at the top of my Christmas list, right underneath a DSLR. There are affordable black bags and then sky rocketing prices from brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Channel or Fendi. All designers I pledge to own before I die, but until then I will settle for the cheaper alternatives.

Being a college student with more debt than money to my name, I definitely have to spend money within a budget. Whether you’re a student yourself or out of school maybe even working, budgeting is still a good tool when shopping. Here are a few black bags that are within a $80 budget.


Zip Top Tote Bag, $45, available at ASOS


Alexa Mini Crossbody, $78, available at Danielle Nicole



Hiatus Lifted

As noted, my last post was sometime in July when my days were spent killing time in my room where I decided to create a blog. It has occurred to me that I often become extremely passionate about an idea and never stick to it. I refuse to allow The Natural Kinks to die off like previous passions. I’m still navigating the site and figuring out some of the hacks. Although I will not be able to post as often as I’d like, I am personally announcing that the temporary-unannounced hiatus has been lifted.

Since my last post, I’ve started and finished my first semester of college, joined many clubs on campus one being Her Campus where I write content for their online magazine. Time in college flies by and with that I’ve noticed that I want to look into different programs such as studying abroad, or even transferring to another school. My current school is pretty conservative and in the middle of no where.  There are literally cows across from my dorm…

The campus is very friendly however, I don’t feel like it represents me. I feel like I belong in a city, navigating the world on my own, making new friends and developing as a person. There are not many opportunities for work in fashion at my current school and they don’t offer any fashion courses. I know the transfer process is going to be a pain but I don’t want to look back at my undergrad years wishing I applied to other schools. I’ll keep you all posted on the transfer-student application process.



How to wear a denim skirt

Skirt- Romwe, Sandals- Coggles, Bag- West LA Boutique, Ring- Maurices

Skirt- Romwe, Sandals- Coggles, Bag- West LA Boutique, Ring- Maurices

Denim skirts are truly making their comeback. Growing up my mom found an excuse to force me into a denim skirt whether it was going to school, visiting family, she even made me wear a denim skirt to camp once! Hence why I have so many scars on my knees.  Truthfully, I hated denim skirt. Maybe the early 2000’s wasn’t the right time for me to accept them. But they are truly making a comeback and fast. Stores like H&M, Newlook, Zara and Topshop seem to approve of of this denim resurrection by releasing cute affordable denim skirts back on the market.

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